I am a follower of Tony Reinke’s blog, Miscellanies. Reinke is CJ Mahaney’s assistant and fellow traveler along the journey of faith. His site is very edifying not only in content but also in the fact that he is just a regular guy like you and me trying to live out his faith in the most genuine and God glorifying way.

I ran across one post of his from April 19, 2007 where he speaks about Mark Dever’s yearly reading schedule. Dever has termed it his “Canon of Theologians”. Basically these are the theologians he reads throughout the year. Each month he reads someone different and then repeats the cycle yearly.

I was intrigued and decided to develop my own “Canon”. I think following this schedule will keep me in the company of Godly men. Below is my personal version. What will yours look like?

September Francis Schaeffer
October B.B. Warfield
November Martin Lloyd-Jones
December C.S. Lewis/ George Ladd
January Francis Turretin
February John Piper
March Jonathan Edwards
April Thomas Goodwin
May William Perkins
June C.H. Spurgeon
July Augustine
August John Owen