From the time most children are old enough to understand, they are told of a faraway place that goes beyond all imagination and promises eternal happiness and pleasure. This place holds all their dreams, wishes and desires and while it is just within arm’s reach, it always seems too far away to touch. Joni Eareckson Tada has said that these desires are actually a heavenly echo that is imprinted on everyone.[1] She goes on to say,

Whether we are adults or children, our best memories are usually the sort which, like a tuning fork, strike that resonant chord in our souls. It’s a song we never quite forget and recognize immediately whenever we catch its echo. We recognize it because it is so full of heartbreaking beauty. Like deep calling to deep, it is stamped with His imprint; and since we bear His image, the memory that is sealed in that deepest, most profound part of us. Such moments cast soundings and plumb the real depths of who we are. And what we hear is a heavenly echo.[2]

For those children that come to knowledge of Christ and grow in their faith, they must realize that much of what they heard growing up about this place, called Heaven, is far from Scriptural.  Heaven has held a special place in the hearts of Christian believers in every generation. It is a reminder of the hopes and rewards that await those who follow God faithfully and put their trust in His Son, Jesus Christ.

A literal Heaven that exists both spiritually now, and physically in the future should be a source of great strength and perseverance for all believers. To emphasize and support this strength, the subject of Heaven must be scripturally examined. Over the next few weeks I want to examine the subject of Heaven by asking four basic questions as outlined below:

(a)    What is Heaven?

(b)   Where is Heaven located?

(c)    Why is there a Heaven; what is God’s purpose in creating Heaven?

(d)   How is the believer affected by Heaven? What will life be like in Heaven?

Heaven is the hope and home of all believers. May the journey home be full of adventure, love and joyful living.

[1] Joni Eareckson Tada. Heaven…Your Real Home. (Grand Rapids: Zondervan Pub. House, 1995), 14.

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