This is a post from “A Puritan’s Mind” that makes some suggestions on books that would be essential to any pastor’s & elder’s personal library.

The following books are a must read for anyone desiring the office of the elder/pastor. Or, if you are already an officer then these books will help you reevaluate whether you should be in the office or not, or encourage you in continuing in that office and aid you in strengthening your ministry among the chosen people of God. They are weighty matters which every pastor/teacher should grapple and struggle through. They do not allow the guard to be left down for a moment, and will reshape the ideologies most have about the eldership. If you are looking for books on church growth, or 3 steps to pastoral teaching schematics, then you do not read these books. You are not thinking correctly about the ministry. But if you are looking to improve your understanding of the pastorate and the duties and qualifications of the minister, then these are essential.

5 Star Books:

The Art of Prophesying by William Perkins

The Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter

Lectures to My Students by Charles Spurgeon

The Christian Ministry by Charles Bridges

A Pastor’s Sketches, Volume 1 by Ichabod Spencer

Evangelical Eloquence by R.L. Dabney

4 Star Books

Pastoral Theology by Thomas Murphy

A Pastor According to God’s Heart by John Shaw

Pastoral Theology by Patrick Fairbain

The Supremacy of God in Preaching by John Piper

3 Star Books

Light and Heat: The Puritan View of the Pulpit by Dr. R. Bruce Bickel