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bruisedreedAs I have begun reading The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes , I was struck by something today. I am loving this book already and took about a page of notes on 3 1/2 pages. Some of the main points I gleaned today are:

Salvation is Trinitarian through and through. Consider the following:

  1. The Father commissions the Son to it.
  2. The Son executes the office of mediator.
  3. The Holy Spirit sanctifies and furnishes the essentials needed for growth.

See here, for our comfort, a sweet agreement of all three persons: the Father gives a commission to Christ; the Spirit furnishes and sanctifies to it, and Christ himself executes the office of a Mediator. Our redemption is founded upon the joint agreement of all three persons of the Trinity. (pg 2)

Moreover, I received the next gem (I’m paraphrasing): It is a great comfort to know that even though God is greatly offended by our sin, He is more pleased with reconciliation & salvation, than with retaliation & condemnation.

Or as Sibbes puts in much more eloquently: What a support to our faith is this, that God the Father, the party offended by our sins, is so well pleased with the work of redemption! And what a comfort is this, that, seeing God’s love rests on Christ, as well pleased in him, we may gather that he is as well pleased with us, if we be in Christ! For his love rests in a whole Christ, in Christ mystical, as well as Christ natural, because he loves him and us with one love. Let us, therefore, embrace Christ, and in him God’s love, and build our faith safely on such a Saviour that is furnished with so high a commission. (pg 2)

Thinking Pur(itan) thoughts,



puritanchallenge1I am not sure how I found it but I did and now it has taken hold of me. The Puritan Reading Challenge. Orginally issued in 2008 by Tim Brister, the point is to bring the Puritan reverence and love for God into our lives. While I realize that Jan – March are long gone, I plan on just shifting the beginning book, The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes, to April.

Here is the original post by Tim Brister if anyone is interested. Happy reading.

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