Owen comments on the differences between the revelation of Law versus the revelation of the Gospel of Grace.

1. The Manner Law was given in many times and ways. It was progressive in revelation. The Gospel was given once and revealed through Christ only.

2. The Time/Season The Law was given in the past. The Gospel is for the present.

3. To Whom it was GivenThe Law was given to the forefathers. The Gospel was/is given to us.

4. Through WhomThe Law was through the prophets. The Gospel of Grace is given through Christ.

This should give us great peace and happiness, because Jesus is the very representative of God in character and nature.(1:3)  He is not any less God than God is. Therefore the revelation of the Gospel of Christ (Grace) takes precedence over the revelation of the Law and is the perfection of the revelation of God and the perfection of His will.